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About Us

Established in the year 1997 to manufacture the entire range of seating systems, Zitten is today the leading manufacturer of office chairs, sofas, lounge chairs, café / restaurant chairs, barstools and training room chairs for the following reasons:

1. Good Posture:

Most of the high end chairs available in the showrooms are manufactured in China. These chairs use European sizes and therefore are not suitable for us especially our ladies who are comparatively petite.

At Zitten our chairs are designed in consultation with leading orthopedic surgeons to ensure complete spinal support and good posture. Being a factory, Zitten also manufactures chairs for the extremes, those that are 6 ft + tall or those that weight 140 kgs +.

2. Vibrant Colours :

The cheapest colour available in China is black. Therefore most chairs imported from china is in black. Black is however not vastu compliant.

At Zitten we have a wide range of vibrant colour leathers, leatherites, fabrics & mesh to match/ provide contrast to your interiors. These vibrant colours liven up / beautify your interiors.

3. Futuristic Designs :

Zitten seating systems are manufactured in consultation with leading Architects / Interior Designers. Great looking futuristic looks is a integral part of every Zitten product.

4. Large Variety of Sizes :

Office start from an average 200 sq ft. to 20000 sq ft +. Zitten has a large variety of chairs to fit every space provided whether compact or large. Sofas are usually custom built to fit the size provided.

5. Long term availability of Models :

The average life span of a imported Chinese chair on the dealers shelf is 1 year. After the the product is discontinued in favour of new models.

Most leading companies over the years open up new office first in tier 1 cities and then in tier 2 & 3. These companies want the same models in all their branches for continuity. At Zitten we ensure that all our models are available over the years.

6. Great after sales service :

Only the best components sourced from all over the world go into the manufacturing of a Zitten product. However only standard sizes are used. This means that components if required is available locally throughout the country.

7. Reasonable prices :

Since you are buying from a factory, you are getting your poducts at factory rates.